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Malaysia [8.45am–5.45pm (Mon-Thur); 8.45am–4.45pm (Fri)]
Tel: (603) 2074 7620 / 2074 7522 or Email:
Terminal related matters :
Payment and refund related matters :
1-Credit/Debit :
2-Amex :

Cambodia [8.00am–4.00pm (Mon-Fri)]
Tel: (855) 7888 8212 or Email:

Philippines [8.30am–5.30pm (Mon-Fri)]
Tel: (632) 5883 932 or Email:

Singapore [8.45am–5.45pm (Mon-Thur); 8.45am–4.45pm (Fri)]

For e-commerce related matters (all countries as stated above):

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